Project 01

Kanso is a mindfulness game where you trace around circular forms.
Bringing players of every skill level into a meditative state of flow,
an immersion into a calming experience.
Find out more here
Dave Sapien

Painting Books 2+

A magical and educational colouring experience with REAL paint!!
Project 01

Painting Books 2+

Our collection of educational kids colouring books.
A safe app with NO subscriptions, IAP’s or ads. Just fun!

Learn about numbers, letters, and even computer code! while developing fine motor skills and having lots of creative fun.

Check it out for iphone and iPad here:

Dave Sapien

PooBarr the pooping bear

A lovely kids book about diet and poop for mobile.
Project 01

PooBarr the pooping bear

PooBarr the pooping bear is a young children's interactive book about the importance of diet and its effects on your body...and poo.

Follow PooBarr through the week, each day consuming one food type and then exploring the consequential poo with your finger. Smudge, smear, laugh, giggle, and engage.

Download here:
Dave Sapien Dave Sapien

Previous collaborations

Some of the work I have done with others
Project 01


As technical relief I worked with Chunk (Award winning Scottish digital agency) on the Emmy award winning, Reverse The Odds game.
Helping Cancer Research UK crowdsource cancer analysis, leading to millions of cancer slides being analysed by the public.

As the designer and developer, I have worked with Frank Quitley (New X-Men, We3, All-Star Superman, and Batman and Robin) and Once Were Farmers (BAFTA winning VFX and Animation studio).
Producing an interactive installation for the Frank Quitely: The Art of Comics exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

I also had the pleasure of working with the late Alasdair Gray (Lanark: A Life in Four Books, Poor Things), UZ events, and RM Star. Working as the designer and developer.
Producing a large interactive installation at the Ubiquitous Chip fortieth anniversary event, winning multiple UK event awards.

Project 01


A puzzle game where you unlock oppressed tree spirits.
Project 01


Roul is a puzzle game where you try to release tree spirits form there confusion.

Rotate sections of each spirit to bring it into order and release each one and bring peace to each world.
With over 100,000 plays, Roul was honoured with a nomination for a golden joystick award in 2008.


ZX Plectrum

Play all the loading sounds of the ZX Spectrum as a musical instrument
Project 02

ZX Plectrum

Play the ZX Specturm loading sounds as a musical instrument on iOS and Android!
Relive the crisp sounds of your youth!
Change the loading phase and pitch to make some weird but familiar music!

Featured in Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit TV show
and used by multi-Platinum band Placebo, in their live envents.

Dave Sapien
Dave Sapien
Dave Sapien

I am Dave Sapien.
An independent game designer, developer, and consultant.
I run a micro studio, consulting on solving technical and design problems for other game studios.
Offering game design solutions, inspirations, and engineering support on any c++ based or Unity based projects.

My cornerstone in experience is with designing virtual paint experiences in games and apps for over ten years.
Drawing from my contemporary art experience working as a painter and sculptor. I offer a novel approach to design with feeling first, experiences that matches the sensation of painting.

Focusing on the creative and the dynamic.
Making unique games, exploring the full stack of game development and bringing those lessons to every new project.