Dave Sapien

Dave Sapien


Kanso is a hyper relaxing follow the line game.
Avoiding obstacles while you trace around circular forms and finding your moment of Zen.

Inspired by the Zen calligraphy practice of Ensô, where every day you paint an uninhibited ink circle on a blank sheet of paper.
Expressing a physical moment of reflection, focus, and freedom of flow.

Developer/Publisher - Dave Sapien
Website - davesapien.com
Release - January 25th 2022

Platforms - Windows, iOS, MacOS (Apple silicon), Android, more TBA
Technologies - Cocos2dx, c++
Gameplay - A hyper chill follow the line game. Specifically designed to gently draw you into a tranquil gaming experience.
Inspiration - Zen calligraphy practice of Ensô.
Main theme - Circular nature of Life.


A hyper chill follow the line game. Travel around each of the circular shapes while avoiding obstacles, specifically designed to gently draw you into a tranquil gaming experience.

Wonderful setting
Kanso is a place of beauty and refuge from the noise of daily life, bringing players of every skill level into a meditative state of flow, an immersion of a calming experience.

Beautiful visuals
Beautiful art and atmospheric music set a peaceful tone. Painstakingly crafted assets and SDF shaders that will shine on any resolution.

Meditative soundtrack
An original soundtrack by Dave Sapien. Sink into the warm and comforting musical soundscapes of Kanso.

• 320 levels
• Unique meditative gameplay
• Around two hours of play time
• Well over 1 hour of original music
• Visual narrative
• ‘Instagrammable’ content to share
• Designed specifically to manafest relaxation and well being


Developed entirely by Dave Sapien, a solo independent game developer and Artist. His mission is to work on interesting projects that enrich all those who experience them.
He is best known as the creator of the ZXPlectrum.


Dave Sapien